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Claims for hand, finger and wrist injuries

If you’ve been involved in an accident or injured due to someone else’s negligence, you may be able entitled to make a claim for compensation. The figures below provide a rough guide to what you may get for your injury. Compensation for your expenses and financial losses (such as loss of earnings) can be recovered in addition to these figures.

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Hand Injuries

Minor injury

Injury with recovery within a few months.

£800 – £3,810

Moderate hand injury

Crush injuries, soft tissue injuries, deep lacerations and penetrating wounds.

£5,110– £14.640

Serious hand injury

£25.430 – £54,280

Loss of one hand

Total or effective loss of one hand.

£84,310 – £96,150

Loss of both hands

Total or effective loss of both hands.

£123,310 – £176,660

Finger Injuries

Fracture of one finger

Dependent upon recovery time.

Up to £4,160

Fracture of index finger

Fracture of index finger –grip remains impaired.

£7,990 – £10,730

Severe fracture

Possibly leading to partial amputation and causing deformity, loss of grip and/or sensation.

Up to £32,210

Amputation of finger

Little finger.

£7,580 – £10,730

Index finger.


Amputation of thumb

£31,140– £48,080

Wrist Injuries

Minor injury

A minor displaced or undisplaced fracture with a full recovery within 12 months.

£3,090 – £4,160

Moderate injury

Some significant permanent disability but some useful movement remains.

£21,480 – £34,340

Severe injury

Complete loss of function of the wrist.

£41,760 – £52,490

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