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Claims for hip & groin injuries

If you’ve been involved in an accident or injured due to someone else’s negligence, you may be able entitled to make a claim for compensation. The figures below provide a rough guide to what you may get for your injury. Compensation for your expenses and financial losses (such as loss of earnings) can be recovered in addition to these figures.

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Hip Injuries

Lesser hip injury

Minor soft tissue injuries with complete recovery.

Up to £3,460

Moderate hip injury

Significant injury but any permanent disability is not significant, nor are there any major future risks.

£12,210 – £34,340

Severe hip injury

Fracture of the pelvis causing degenerative changes and leading to likelihood of hip replacement surgery.

£34,340 – £46,040

Very severe hip injury

Extensive fractures of the pelvis involving for example a ruptured bladder and significant residual disability.

£68,740 – £114,810

Reproductive System: Male

Loss of reproductive organs

In excess of £134,900

Total Impotence

Including loss of sexual function and sterility – award varies with age of the injured person and their reaction.

In the region of £130,060


Dependant on age of the person and the manner in which the sterility was caused – most serious cases.


Cases involving much older males.


Reproductive System: Female


Caused by injury or disease with severe depression, pain and scarring.

£100,760 – £148,540

No medical complications and claimant already has children.

£15,750 – £32,210

Failed sterilisation

Leading to unwanted pregnancy but no serious psychological injury.

In the region of £8,940

Level of awards in this area will depend on factors such as:
– Whether the claimant already has children
– Scarring
– Psychological effects
– Whether a foetus was aborted

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