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Bus accident claims: A legal overview

We’ve all been on a rather bumpy bus ride at one time or another.

Generally travelling by bus or coach around the UK is a safe way to travel. Our road transport system is one of the safest in the world and has to adhere to extremely stringent health and safety regulations and standards.

Nevertheless, accidents are bound to occur from time to time – and if you’re injured whilst travelling on a bus or coach you may be entitled to make a claim for compensation.

It’s not only passengers who can be injured in a bus or coach accident either. Pedestrians and other road users can be injured too.

Bus collisions

The most common bus accident scenario is where a bus collides with another vehicle.

The reasons for the collision always have to be considered. Factors include adverse weather conditions, an error or miscalculation made by the bus driver, or a mechanical problem with the bus or coach.

Driving style

Bus accident claims are not however restricted to actual collisions. Passengers can be injured if a bus takes a corner too fast or brakes unexpectedly. This can result in passengers being thrown from their seats. It is important to remember that these circumstances are not always the fault of the driver. They may have been a very good reason for a bus driver to brake hard for example. It is therefore necessary to consider the legal position in relation to each accident that occurs.

Bus drivers

Bus drivers have a difficult job with a lot of responsibility for the safety and security of passengers. Sometimes dealing with too many people, the complexities and frustrations of the road, or simply tiredness can contribute towards an accident. It’s a common problem, so drivers need to be able to deal with it.

The majority of bus drivers are very good but, as in all walks of life, there’s a less careful and respectful minority that give the rest a bad name – and this can sometimes act as a catalyst for claims.

Making a bus accident claim

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