Can I claim compensation for an acid attack?

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What is an Acid Attack?

An acid attack refers to a corrosive liquid being thrown or squirted at a victim with an intention of causing injury.

Increase in acid attacks.

Criminals are increasingly using acid as a weapon. It is a readily and cheaply available and can be used to produce devastating and life changing injuries to a victim. Because these substances are not currently regarded as an ‘offensive weapon’ in the traditional sense the risks associated with carrying them are not as high as other weapons.

Which acids are used?

Any corrosive substance can be used to perpetrate an assault. Sulphuric acid and ordinary household bleach have been commonly used in acid attacks.

Can I claim compensation for an acid attack?

If you are the innocent victim of an acid attack and suffer injury then it is very likely  you will be entitled to claim compensation. You may be eligible to make a claim under the government’s criminal injuries compensation scheme for instance. Another option is to pursue a civil claim against the attacker or a third party such as an employer or the owner of the premises upon which the attack took place.

How do I claim compensation for an acid attack?

You can either claim compensation through the civil courts or by making a criminal injuries compensation claim. You can make a claim yourself, but solicitors may be able to assist you with claiming compensation for an acid attack claim on a no win, no fee basis. As experts in recovering compensation for injury victims we will be able to assess the best options open to you and we operate a free Legal Helpline that you can contact for guidance.

What if the offender isn’t convicted?

While it will help if the offender is caught, prosecuted and convicted, you may still be able to claim compensation for an acid attack if this does not happen. A criminal injuries compensation claim is not, for instance, conditional upon an offender being convicted, or even charged.

How much compensation for an acid attack can I recover?

The amount of compensation an acid attack victim can recover is linked to the severity of the injuries and the impact on their life. Compensation can range from a few thousand pounds up to tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Victims may sustain a range of injuries such as cosmetic disfigurement, blindness, deafness or respiratory difficulties. The more severe the injury, the greater the compensation. We assess each case individually and will provide you with a likely valuation of your claim free of charge.

An acid attack will often leave mental scars as well as physical ones. We always ensure that the psychological injuries are taken into account when calculating compensation.

The impact on the victims life should be considered, with compensation paid for lost earnings (both now and in the future) and other financial losses.

The cost of private medical treatment, counselling and therapy can be included in the compensation package. We also look at treatment options to improve cosmetic appearance, again funded by the compensation.

Funding an acid attack compensation claim

We work on a no win, no fee basis, so there is no financial risk to you in pursuing a claim. Quite simply, if you don’t win your acid attack compensation claim, we don’t get paid.

How we can help

If you are wondering if you can claim compensation for an acid attack then simply contact our Legal Helpline for a FREE case assessment and details of our no win, no fee funding scheme. Call 0800 955 1038 or email us with brief details at