Misdiagnosis of testicular torsion by GP

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We have recently settled a medical negligence claim against a GP involving misdiagnosis of testicular torsion

Our client was a young boy who woke up one morning with pain in his scrotal area. He told his parents. They examined him and found that his left testicle was swollen. He was given painkillers and an appointment was made to see his GP later that day.

The GP  examined the boy and conclude that he probably had an epididymal cyst. The GP gave the boy’s mother printed information about the condition and prescribed Doxycycline. She was told told to contact the out of hours service if the boy’s pain worsened.

The boy returned to see a different GP a few days later after complaining about an increase in pain and swelling. On this occasion the GP sent him straight to A&E.

At the hospital the boy underwent an USS. He later had an orchidectomy performed, which involved the surgical removal of his left testicle.

Medical negligence lawyer, Oliver Thorne, was later instructed by the parents of the boy to bring a medical negligence claim against the GP on a No Win, No fee basis.

Supportive expert evidence was obtained by Oliver. This established that the Claimant had been suffering from testicular torsion at his initial appointment with the GP. The expert said that the correct course of action would have been to immediately refer to the boy to the local surgical team for them to correct the torsion.

Liability was initially disputed by the GP’s legal representatives. However, following negotiations, an out of court settlement was reached. The terms of the agreed compensation package were given the court’s seal of approval in January 2018.

If you feel that you have been the victim of medical negligence for misdiagnosed testicular torsion or any other type of medical negligence the please contact us on 0808 1391590 or email us at info@sbclaims.co.uk