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Accidents rarely just happen; there is usually an underlying cause, whether the accident occurred at work or in a public place.

If you are looking for justice and think that you may have a credible claim, take a look at New Deal Fair Deal’s Top 10 Tips for Making a Compensation Claim. This infographic is designed to help you gather everything you might need to put your case forward and get the monetary compensation you deserve.




























































If you have recently suffered an injury, as well as dealing with the trauma and fallout from your injuries, it can be difficult to know what to do next – especially if your injury resulted in you having to take time off of work to recover.

Many people fear that making an accident claim against their boss will lose them their job, but this is simply not the case. Under UK law, your safety at work is the responsibility of your employer and therefore negligence on their part, resulting in injury, should be covered by the company’s insurance policy. Similarly, if your accident happened in a public place, you may also be entitled to make a public liability compensation claim.

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