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What is vaginal mesh and TVT used for?

Vaginal mesh is often used to treat women following childbirth when they experience either urinary incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse.

Prior to vaginal mesh becoming popular, doctors often used TVT, which stands for trans-vaginal tape.


What problems are associated with vaginal mesh and TVT?

Women who have received  vaginal mesh or TVT surgery have suffered from a range of painful, chronic and often debilitating symptoms.

vaginal mesh and TVT has resulted in patients being unable control their bladder and in some women they have led to infection setting in.

It is estimated that one in eleven women who received vaginal mesh or TVT have suffered complications.


Was the use of vaginal mesh and TVT negligent?

Hundreds of women are now bringing legal claims for medical negligence.

In some cases it is alleged that vaginal mesh or TVT was unsuitable for the patient. Many women were not advised of the risks or given the option of safer, alternative treatments that were available.

Other cases are based on surgical procedures being carried out incorrectly, particularly where vaginal mesh has eroded into the bladder or caused nerve damage.

Claims have also been made that the vaginal mesh and TVT products are defective.


How can we help you?

Medical negligence lawyer Oliver Thorne is offering to undertake a FREE case assessment for any women who have undergone vaginal mesh or TVT surgery and are unhappy with the outcome.

Oliver will consider whether there are likely to be grounds for making  a vaginal mesh or TVT negligence claim.


Funding a vaginal mesh or TVT negligence claim

If after carrying out a free assessment we feel that there is likely to be grounds for bringing vaginal mesh or TVT negligence claim we will outline your funding options.

Oliver is always willing to undertake a vaginal mesh or TVT negligence claim on a no win, no fee basis. His colleague Penny Beales is also able to assist.


Call Oliver or Penny for a confidential chat on 0808 139 1590 or email them at