Call our helpline for a free review on 0333 888 0408 or

Call our legal helpline on 0333 888 0408 or

Call our legal helpline on 0333 888 0408

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We are an award-winning, Legal 500 recommended firm of specialist compensation claim solicitors, who have recovered many millions of pounds for our clients on a No Win No Fee basis. 

Just call 0333 888 0408 or email us at for a free, no-obligation assessment of your case. 

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We operate a free legal helpline which you are welcome to call. This enables you to talk things over with the actual lawyer who will be dealing with your case before you make a decision. We can also provide you with a free case assessment if you wish. We are not one of the large “factory” style claims processing companies where you have to contend with call centres and never get to speak to the same person twice.

For us, clients are real people, not a faceless number. Our lawyers like to build up a relationship with a client as this has yielded the best results and enabled us to maximize the compensation we recover. By getting to know you, we can achieve so much more and ensure that no aspect of your claim is missed or overlooked.
We can also offer guidance on funding the legal costs. In most cases we are able to work on a No Win, No Fee basis. This means that you do not need to allow money worries to put you off seeking the justice you deserve.

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