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Claims for foot injuries

If you’ve been involved in an accident or injured due to someone else’s negligence, you may be able entitled to make a claim for compensation. The figures below provide a rough guide to what you may get for your injury. Compensation for your expenses and financial losses (such as loss of earnings) can be recovered in addition to these figures.

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Foot Injuries

Achilles tendon injury

£6,380 – £33,700

Modest foot injury

Fractures of metatarsal, ruptured ligaments, puncture wounds, etc. There may be some permanent symptoms.

Up to £12,050

Moderate foot injury

Displaced metatarsal fractures causing some permanent deformity and risk of osteoarthritis.

£12,050 – £21,910

Severe foot injury

Fractures of both heels or feet with substantially restricted mobility and/or permanent pain or an unusually severe injury to one foot requiring extensive surgery, heel fusion, etc. or preventing the wearing of ordinary shoes.

£36,800 – £61,410

Very severe foot injury

Permanent and severe pain or permanent serious disability such as traumatic amputation of the forefoot or loss of large portion of the heel causing very restricted mobility.

£73,620 – £96,150

Amputation of one foot

Which involves the loss of the ankle joint.

£73,620 – £96,150

Amputation of both feet

Treated in similar manner to below the knee amputation.

£148,540 – £176,660

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