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If you wish to make a compensation claim for medical negligence then contact our FREE specialist helpline for an initial case assessment and details of No Win, No Fee funding.


Making a compensation claim for medical negligence

Being the victim of medical negligence can be a stressful and traumatic experience. It’s bad enough being ill in the first place but the fact your subsequent treatment has fallen way below the expected standards only exacerbates the situation.

After all, you’ve put your trust in medical professionals and simply expected them to take proper care of you – so suffering an additional illness on top of an existing problem can be devastating.

Take comfort, however, in knowing there are specific measures and frameworks in place designed specifically for you to make your case heard, seek suitable redress and obtain the compensation you deserve.

What is Clinical Negligence?

On the whole, doctors and nurses in the UK provide exemplary levels of patient care. However, even in the best regulated systems errors occur.

If you suffer harm you may be entitled to compensation if it can be established that the doctor, GP, hospital or another medical agency breached their legal duty of care.  ‘Medical negligence’ is also often referred to as ‘clinical negligence’.

Types Medical Negligence

Claims for medical negligence can arise in respect of any type of medical treatment, including:

– Accident and emergency
– Anaesthetics
– Cancer treatment
– Cardiothoracic surgery
– Cardiology
– Cosmetic Surgery
– Gastroenterology
– General practice
– Keyhole surgery
– Mental health
– Neurosurgery
– Obstetrics and gynaecology
– Oncology
– Ophthalmology
– Orthopaedics
– Paediatrics
– Plastic surgery
– Psychiatry
– Radiology
– Sterilisation
– Urology
– Vascular surgery

Negligence can take many forms, including failure to advise on treatment risks, failure to obtain proper consent, medication errors and careless surgical procedures, The majority of medical negligence claims relate to doctors and surgeons based at a hospital, but the same principles apply to GPs, midwives, nurses, dentists, physiotherapists and psychiatrists.

GP Negligence

GP negligence is unfortunately common.

There are many things that can lead to a doctor or General Practitioner (GP) being found in breach of their duty of care. However the allegations we come across the most involve delayed diagnosis and delayed referral to specialists.

A Different Kind of Claim

Making a compensation claim for medical negligence is quite different to other types of injury claim such as a road traffic accident.

In a road accident injury claim it is usually relatively easy to establish who was at fault and what injuries arose. However, for a medical negligence claim to succeed you have to prove, with the help of medical experts, that:

– Serious errors occurred that no competent health professional would have made, and
– The error has caused or materially contributed to the harm suffered



No Win – No Fee Lawyers Specialising in Medical Negligence

To recover full financial recompense for the medical negligence (including awards for pain and suffering, lost income, care and medical treatment) you’ll usually need the help of a specialist medical negligence lawyer. Many victims are put off by the cost, but with the availability of No Win, No Fee funding this shouldn’t be the case. Not all solicitors offer No Win, No Fee for a compensation claim for medical negligence, but we do. We are always happy to discuss cases on a free of charge basis and will let you know if we will be able to let you know if your claim is suitable for No Win, No Fee funding.

Don’t Delay Making a Compensation Claim for Medical Negligence

The law allows adults three years from the date of the negligence (or the date of knowledge) to start legal proceedings.

The nature of clinical negligence claims means your solicitor will need time to investigate your claim. This includes obtaining medical records, seeking expert medical opinion, organising case meetings and, if appropriate, drafting court proceedings. It is therefore important not to delay and to consult solicitors as soon as possible.

Free Medical Negligence Helpline

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