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Making a building site accident claim

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Building site accident claim cases

By their very nature, building sites are places where risk and danger are commonplace. It’s exactly because they are such hazardous environments that employers and site operators have a duty of care to protect employees working on site.

Taking adequate safety measures to prevent a building site accident

All employers and site operators have to carry out a risk assessment for health and safety purposes, making sure they take reasonable and practical steps to ensure, as best they can, the safety of their workers.

This includes providing staff with adequate safety equipment, as well as providing suitable training.

Building site accident insurance cover

It’s compulsory for employers to have sufficient insurance to cover any building site accident claim that may arise.

In the unfortunate event of an accident occurring on site the insurance company will cover the employer and will meet any compensation awarded.

If we deal with your claim we will liaise with the insurers, arranging to inspect the workplace, take photographs and obtain witness statements to support the claim.

You should report any accident that occurs on the building site so it can be formally recorded in the site accident book.

The types of building site accidents you can claim for

You can claim for any accident suffered on a building site where the employer or site operators were to blame. Here are some of the most common accidents sustained on building sites that we have dealt with:

1. Lifting heavy objects

Back injury is a particularly common building site injury and can lead to a significant amount of time off work to recover. In particularly serious cases the accident victim may be unable to return to their duties. If a substantial amount of your daily work involves heavy lifting then your employer should assess you and provide you with the necessary training or equipment to carry out the tasks safely. You should not be asked to lift items which are too heavy and might result in an injury.

2. Dangerous machinery

The key questions are:

– Was the machinery suitable for the task involved?
– Has it been maintained properly?
– Had you been given the right training and safety equipment?

3. Defective scaffolding

It is common for scaffolding to collapse on building sites. If it has not been erected safely or it has not been subjected to the relevant safety checks, then your employer (or the site occupier) is likely to be liable.

4. Falls from roofs and ladders

Again this is another common building site accident.

– Were you given the right safety equipment?
– Was a risk assessment carried out to ensure you were working in a safe environment

5. Other building site accidents:

– Floors, stairways and pathways that haven’t been kept clear and free from obstruction.
– Work vehicles, such as forklifts, dumper trucks and cranes should that aren’t in good condition and safe to use
– Broken or defective safety harnesses
– Electrocution due to faulty wiring systems or inadequate safety procedures
– Unsuitable protective clothing or safety apparatus
– Unsuitable lighting or visibility
– Injury caused by co-workers’ carelessness
– Insufficient training for the task
– Burns and chemical injuries
– Accidents with power tools
– Accidents caused by construction debris
– Fires and explosions
– Work related upper limb disorders (WRULD) and Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

How we can help you with your building site accident claim

We have an excellent track record of successfully claiming compensation for people who have suffered from injuries sustained on building and construction sites. We operate a free legal helpline and deal with building site accident claims on a No Win, No Fee basis.

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Slee Blackwell

Slee Blackwell

Slee Blackwell

Slee Blackwell

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