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More information on Medical Injury Claims:

As solicitors specialising in cosmetic surgery negligence claims throughout the country we are often asked for guidance by people who are thinking about going under the knife. The risks of a cosmetic surgery disaster can never be totally eradicated, but if you follow our top 7 tips then it will reduce the chances of things going horribly wrong.
Our specialist medical negligence team recently handled a successful vaginal surgery negligence claim on behalf of a young woman. The following case study outlines the medical and legal issues that arose. If you are thinking about making a similar claim and would like to speak in confidence to a female member of our team then please call our free legal helpline on 0333 888 0408.
Further concerns have been raised about maternity services at the Telford and Shrewsbury NHS Trust. Urgent action has now been implemented by the Care Quality Commission to ensure that standards improve.
Slee Blackwell partner, Oliver Thorne, the UK lawyer leading the fight on behalf of British PIP breast implant victims who have been unable to claim compensation in this country, has just returned from Paris. He had been in the French capital to hear the ruling of the French Supreme Court, which offers hope to PIP victims who feared they would never achieve justice.
Regrettably the diagnosis and management of diabetes is not always of the standard that we might expect from our health professionals. This can result in a patient suffering complications that could have been avoided.
Miscommunication within a clinical setting can be disastrous. This brief case study of an NHS medical negligence claim (prepared by Oliver Thorne, a lawyer specialising in NHS medical negligence claims) illustrates what can happen when medical personnel fail to communicate between themselves effectively.