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More information on Other Injury Claims:

Parole delay has been in the news, with our under resourced parole board system being heavily criticised for serious delays. When someone is the victim of parole board delay they may be entitled to claim compensation. The amount of compensation is assessed on a case by case basis and will depend on a number of factors, such as whether it is likely that a prisoner would have been released earlier if there had been no delay.
The cost of care is increasing and many of those entitled to 'Continuing Healthcare' funding are not aware of their rights to claim. In order to make a Continuing Healthcare Claim for yourself or your loved one, the primary care need must be for 'healthcare' rather than social care.
Tattoo artists and the shops in which they work owe a legal duty to their customers to exercise reasonable skill and care when carrying out their work. If they fail to comply with their legal duties then you could be entitled to pursue a legal claim against them for compensation.
It has long been the case that judges sorting out financial matters between divorcing couples would tacitly ignore compensation that one of them had received as a result of an injury claim. The logic was that such awards were uniquely personal to the individual and should not be considered as part of the matrimonial assets.