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Call our legal helpline on 0333 888 0408

Our specialist medical negligence team recently handled a successful vaginal surgery negligence claim on behalf of a young woman. The following case study outlines the medical and legal issues that arose. If you are thinking about making a similar claim and would like to speak in confidence to a female member of our team then please call our free legal helpline on 0333 888 0408.
Tattoo artists and the shops in which they work owe a legal duty to their customers to exercise reasonable skill and care when carrying out their work. If they fail to comply with their legal duties then you could be entitled to pursue a legal claim against them for compensation.
As specialist personal injury solicitors we have prepared this short article and case study showing how to make an injury claim against a school. The injury claim is made by or on behalf of the accident victim. If it was a child who was injured then an adult will make the claim on their behalf. To illustrate what is involved, here is a brief case study of a real-life injury claim against a school that we have recently concluded.
Stress at work compensation claims are complex and usually involve difficult issues of law. It is therefore important to seek expert guidance from a firm of solicitors (not one of the unqualified claims companies that have sprung up in recent years) who have a track record of success.